• Mr. Rick Nagir, Principal of Brookline Elementary School, works with his excellent staff to provide a quality education in a positive environment that prepares all of our students for college and careers beyond high school graduation. 


    Besides, he also believes that integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics into all aspects of teaching, learning and communication enhances learning experiences and promotes a stimulating, high interest learning environment that engages and excites students.




    This is the reason why, to achieve new levels of productivity and achievement, we also develop, coordinated by our GT Administrator, Mrs. LlorensSTEAM Educational Activities which are the model of educational excellence, global citizenship and innovation, where the Students of our School will persevere as critical thinkers who collaborate and contribute to their community through cross-curricular STEAM integrated projects that address real world problems with innovative solutions.


    Moreover, Brookline Elementary STEAM Educational Activities will provide a community of lifelong learners with the skills necessary to succeed in a future characterized by constant change. Therefore, these skills or key competences for lifelong learning will be a combination of knowledge, abilities and attitudes appropriate to the context. They will also be particularly necessary for personal fulfillment and development, social inclusion, active citizenship and employment.