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        Brookline Elementary welcomes our military families! We aim to provide support to our military families to help ease the challenges faced due to deployment and relocation. Houston ISD maintains its commitment to providing students with a high-quality education, while creating effective connections and partnerships between students, families and schools.

      Military Liaison

      • Mr. Wills-Military Liaison

        The primary purpose of the Military-Connected liaison is to serve as the link between the military connected family and the school district. Brookline Elementary School is committed to provide all families the necessary support for all students to succeed and thrive in their academic environment. The major responsibilities and duties include but are not limited to the following:


        • Serving as the point of contact and working collaboratively between Military-Connected students and their families and the campus;
        • Maintaining familiarity with enrollment processes, records transfer, existing community resources, and student supports;
        • Ensuring Military-Connected students are identified and properly coded through the Texas Student Data System Public Education Information Management System (TSDS PEIMS);
        • Determining campus-based supports and services available to Military-Connected students based on their unique needs, including their high mobility;
        • Assisting in coordinating campus-based programs relevant to Military-Connected students
        • Attending professional development or training annually to learn and understand topics related to the transition of Military-Connected students and their families.


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        Campus Military Liaison

        Theodore Wills

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