• The purpose of the HISD dyslexia program is to identify, assess and serve students having dyslexia and related disorders that limit their ability in learning to read, write or spell. This purpose is to be accomplished by providing support to the students and their parents and through training for the campus dyslexia support teachers. It is the goal of the Dyslexia Program Support Services to facilitate HISD's vision for a comprehensive dyslexia program focusing on prevention, identification, and intervention. Dyslexia Program Support Services provides support in the implementation and coordination of the HISD district-wide dyslexia reading program for general education and is primarily responsible for providing on-going support and training for general education dyslexia intervention teachers as well as support for existing campus instructional efforts with students who are at-risk of serious reading difficulties.


    Our intent is to ensure that students receive appropriate services from appropriately trained teachers. The Dyslexia Program Support Services office maintains contact with the Dyslexia Council, Campus Contact Persons and other Inter-Departmental stakeholders regarding the various aspects of implementing the district’s dyslexia program.


    In Texas, the identification and instruction of students with dyslexia and related disorders is mandated and structured by two statues and one rule. Texas Education Code (TEC) Section §38.003 defines dyslexia and related disorders, mandates testing students for dyslexia and providing instruction for students with dyslexia, and gives the State Board of Education authority to adopt rules and standards to administer testing and instruction. Instructional assistance is available for students who demonstrate difficulty during early reading instruction, i.e., kindergarten, first, and second grades through Texas Education Code (TEC) §28.006. The instructional program for students with dyslexia or a related disorder should be offered in a small class setting and include reading, writing, and spelling as appropriate for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. Chapter 19 of Texas Administrative Code (TAC) §74.28 outlines the responsibilities of districts and charter schools in the delivery of services to students with dyslexia and mandates parent education on the services and 2 options available to students. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 establishes assessment and evaluation standards and procedures for students in general education and IDEA 2004 establishes assessment and evaluation standards and procedures for students referred for Special Education services.