John Tovar (Chair) 8th Grade - 113
     Mara Franklin 6th Grade - 111
     Charles Huckaby 6th & 7th Grade - 112
     Winston Whitten 7th & 8th Grade - 116
     Savannah Winstead 8th Grade - 115
    Welcome to Sugar Grove Academy's Science Department! Science at SGA incorporates a rigorous, hands-on STEM based curriculum in which students can explore topics in the biological and physical sciences. Students will utilize laboratory equipment as they investigate new ideas, discover scientific principles, and learn concepts governing the world around them.
    In addition to hands-on lab activities, our students are exposed to a wealth of knowledge offered by our campus' extensive inventory of technology and software. From interactive SmartBoards and SmartResponse systems to lessons providing every child with their own laptop, our students receive a top-tier science education. Cross-curriculum instruction allows our students to apply their knowledge of science in all of their subjects.