Students benefit from understanding their own culture as well as other cultures throughout the world. The social studies program at Sugar Grove Academy enhances and enriches each student’s sense of individuality and self-awareness while emphasizing meaningful connections to other people, events, environments, and time periods.

    In sixth grade, students concentrate on the roots of modern societies in ancient civilizations, such as Egypt, Greece, China, India, and Rome. Students explore the cultures of nations around the globe in order to better understand their own culture and their own place in the world.

    In seventh grade, students explore the history of Texas, beginning with an in-depth analysis of life in pre-historic Texas, and ending with a comprehensive look at Texas in the modern-day. Included in the course are all of the things that make Texas the state it is today--colonization, revolution, annexation, secession, annexation (again), and Texas' leap into the modern age through the industry, agriculture, and growth.

    In eighth grade, students explore the history of the United States, beginning with colonization and ending with World War II. The course examines the diverse cultural landscape of the United States and helps students to understand the role diverse groups have played in the shaping of our nation. Students also learn about the effects of major American conflicts, including the American Revolution, the War of 1812, the Civil War, World War I, and World War II.

    By the time students graduate from SGA, they have encountered rich and varied experiences that encourage them to broaden their perspective of the human experience as it relates to themselves, their families, their school community, and the world beyond.

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