Degrees and Certifications:

The University of Texas at Austin - B.A. Plan II Honors, B.S. Communication Studies

Mr. Samuel Lee

Welcome, BCMA students and families!
I am thrilled that your student will be in my class this year and honored that you are entrusting your student’s education to Baylor College of Medicine Academy at Ryan. A little bit about me: I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and went on to the University of Texas at Austin, where I studied Plan II Honors and Communication Studies. Previously, I have taught 8th grade ELA at YES Prep Public Schools, a 6-12 charter school district in Houston that prepares students for college and beyond. 
This year in ELA, students will gain a strong understanding of the writing process and understand how it applies to several types of writing: personal narratives, persuasive essays, poems, and research papers – to name a few. We will also be solidifying foundational grammar concepts, such as capitalization, prepositions, and types of sentences. The final bucket consists of vocabulary, and students will be learning hundreds of new words to freshen up their writing and daily conversations.
Finally, this class will also focus on preparing your student for the real world. Our class motto is “Write for life, write your life.” My hope is that students will leave my classroom with a deeper understanding and lasting ability to write for whatever task life demands, whether a college admissions essay, letter to a senator, or business report. Additionally, my desire for them is to understand the incredible power of choices and their ability to drive their futures.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at I look forward to a fantastic year!
Mr. Lee 
  • Course Overview: (subject to change based on teacher/administrative discretion)




    Unit 1:

    August 25th - October 2nd



    -Writing Process

    -Personal Narratives



    -Transition words

    -Simple and compound sentences

    -Subject-verb agreement

    -Capitalization (abbreviations)

    -Commas in compound sentences

    -Quotations: commas, punctuation, and indenting

    Unit 2:

    October 5th - November 7th


    -Informative Writing (Research paper)




    -Various sentence structures and transitions

    -Subordinating conjunctions

    -Active vs. passive voice

    -Parenthesis, brackets, ellipses

    -Homophones and confused words

    Unit 3:

    November 10th - December 19th

    -Fiction stories


    -Non-count nouns


    -Simple and compound sentences

    -Capitalization (initials and acronyms)

    -Italics and underlining

    Unit 4:

    January 6th - February 13th


    -Persuasive Essays

    -Multimedia presentation


    -Indefinite pronouns

    -Conjunctive adverbs

    -Transitional words and phrases

    -Capitalization (organizations)

    -Commas in compound sentences

    Unit 5:

    February 16th - April 2nd

    -Responses to literary and expository texts

    -Informal letters

    -Predicate adjectives, comparatives and superlatives



    -Punctuating quotations

    Unit 6:

    April 6th - May 28th


    -Literary responses 

    -Review of grammar concepts


    *In addition to writing and grammar, vocabulary will be taught and assessed on a regular basis.


    Grade Weights:

     ·        Test and Projects: 40%

     ·        Daily Grades: 30%

     ·        Quizzes: 20%

     ·        Participation: 10%  

    Late Work:
    Per campus policy, on the first day that an assignment is late, there will be a 15 percent grade reduction. Every late day after will result in an additional 10 percent grade reduction. Assignments will not be accepted after 5 consecutive days.

    Absent/Make-Up Work:

    Students who are absent must return the make-up work within the number of the days equal to an absence. Any returned work after that date will be considered late and follow the late work percentage reduction policy.