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    • HISD allows each individual campus to establish its own dress code or uniform policy. The goal of a dress code is to ensure that students stay focused on learning and to create a positive and safe environment. We appreciate parent and student support in upholding our dress code. Violations of the dress code policy may result in disciplinary action. Please note that our school administration has the final authority for decisions regarding the dress code. Please click here to see our uniform requirements.

    George I. Sanchez Elementary

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    Dress Code and Backpack Policy


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    Dear Parents,


    We would like to inform you that we have updated our dress code and backpack policy for the 2023-2024 school year.


    Backpacks are to be school appropriate meaning Mesh or Clear.


    Dress Code

    Any royal blue, dark blue, and gold polo shirt or Sanchez Spirit shirt (Tucked In)

    No print, logo, or pictures on shirts (Except Sanchez spirit shirt)

    White shirts underneath uniforms

    No Bare midriffs or Halter tops.


    Black, Navy and Khaki Pants and shorts (NO BLUE JEANS, CARGO OR CUTOFFS OR PANTS WITH STRIPES)

    Shorts Length 2 inches above the knee


    Black, Navy and Khaki Skirts (NO BLUE JEANS OR CARGO)

    Black or Navy Leggings may be worn only under uniform skirts


    Brown/Black Belt (All pant/shorts worn to school must have a belt)




    Dark Shoes or Tennis Shoes

    No sandals or open toe shoes or shoes with wheels


    All students are required to wear, clean, and appropriate apparel.


    Hair is to be neat, clean, and combed. No artwork designs on hair. (No Mohawks)


    Girls are not to wear make-up and boys are not to wear earrings on campus.


    Artificial nails are not to be worn.


    Students may not wear any type of piercing on their body other than girl’s ear piercing.

    No marking or temporary tattoos are permitted.

    Código de Vestuario/Mochila para el año escolar de:



    Estimados Padres, 



    Les queremos informar que hemos hecho algunos cambios a nuestra póliza de código de vestuario para el año escolar 2023-2024


    Solamente se permiten mochilas apropiadas (no mensajes o dibujos ofensivos).


    Código de Vestuario:

    Camiseta: estilo polo de color azul rey, celeste, oro/amarillo brillante o la camiseta de Sánchez.

    No se permiten camisas con dibujos o anuncios

    Camiseta de color blanca es permitida debajo del uniforme

    No se permiten blusas sin mangas o con tirantes


    Pantalón: color  Negro, Azul Marino o color Khaki (pantalón de mezclilla, cargo, rayados o rotos no son permitidos)

    Pantalones Cortos: dos pulgadas arriba de la rodilla


    Falda: color Negro, Azul Marino y color Khaki (falda de mezclilla o cargo no es permitida)

    (mallas color azul marino o negras si se  permitirán solamente debajo de la falda de uniforme)


    Cinturón: color café o negro (se debe usar con pantalones/cortos)


    Chaquetas: color solidó con cierre (sin brillo)


    Zapatos o Tenis: (no se permitirán sandalias o zapatos con ruedas)


    Todos los estudiantes deben de usar su uniforme limpio y apropiado.


    Los estudiantes deben de venir con su cabello limpio y peinados adecuadamente para la escuela. Los diseños de arte no se permiten en el cabello. ( no mohawk)


    Las niñas no deben de usar maquillaje y no se les permite a los hombres usar aretes.


    Uñas artificiales no se permiten. 


    No se permite usar aretes en el cuerpo.


    No se permiten tatuajes (tatuajes temporales, marcas etc.)