• FMS SDMC Meeting Minutes  

    • November 19, 2020 @ 4:30 p.m.


    • Incentives

    • o Attendance

      * Best attendance Monday – Thursday will recieve an incentive (Face to Face and Virtual) 

      o Make sure the classrooms are print rich, lesson plans posted, agendas updates, word wall, anchor charts, data wall, etc. (see previous email for classroom expectations)

      o Ensure students are loggin in daily to classes and have appropiate invites.  Reach out to parents of those not logging in to see what the problems may be. 



      Committees Needed

      o Culture …to help foster a positive environment

      o Discipline (it’s suggested that two people from the SDMC serve on this committee). Mr. Ervin and Mrs. Aldridge volunteered to be on this committee.

      o Fundraisers will take place before and/or after school

      Modified TADS

      o Questionnaire completed