• As our community copes with COVID-19, Houston ISD and Fleming MS is committed to providing students with instructional materials and resources to continue learning at home. Resources include a combination of online e-texts, digital libraries, handouts, virtual field trips, parent-guided lessons, and independent work. 

    Each of the recommended activities and lessons found on this page will allow students to engage with a subject area and practice meaningful skills at home. Your child’s teacher will be in contact with you throughout the process to provide support and additional guidance.  Lessons are designed so students can complete with relative ease, but we do encourage parents, guardians and family members to engage with the learning as much as possible. 

    During this time we recommend parents take the following steps:

    • Create a schedule for the day. Providing students with a structured environment will help establish a sense of normalcy and set clear expectations for the day.
    • Diversify activities throughout the day.
    • Include free time in their schedule.
    • Limit long periods of unnecessary screen time.

    If you need assistance logging into your school E-mail or accesscessing the Hub please click here fore detailed intstuctions.

    If you need assistance logging in to a TEAMS meeeting please click here fore detailed intstuctions.

    If you need weekly lessons to do with your scholar please click here for detailed lessons.


    If you need further assistance please reach out via email to the appropate grade level Dean.

    6th Grade - Kenneth Owens -

    7th Grade - Crystal Ardoin -

    8th Grade - Quentin Mixon -

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