Principal's Message

  • Dr. Carlos Phillips II, Principal

    Greetings Eagles,


    It brings me with true honor,  humbleness and  dignity to  serve as  the proud  principal of  this great institution of learning  that has enhanced the lives of many men and women for the  past  125  years!  I  am  so  thankful  for  the  countless  number  of  individuals  and stakeholders   who   consistently   support   and   genuinely  seek  to  add   value  to  the advancement  of  our  beloved school and the most precious resource that  embodies its architectural  framework;  the  children.


    This  125th  year  of academic  service,  will be full of  excitement as  we  prepare for  the various  platforms of celebratory bliss that  shines brightly on our proud past.  Hence, the legacies  within of  our past  will be  placed  on the  shoulders  of the future generation of scholars   that   will   now   matriculate   within  a  brand  new,   state  of  the  art  learning  environment and  building structure.  On behalf of the students, faculty and staff, I  would like to say thank you for the many hours of deliberation,  collaborative  research and  the attention  to detail  that went into the design and building of our new school. 


    In closing,  I would like to welcome each of you to the new era of  Booker T. Washington High School  and  the  High  School  for  Engineering  Professions.  Within this new era,  as valued constituents of  our school  and school community,  your  continuous  support and  effort  is now  needed  more  than  ever.  We  will  continue to  build  high  levels of  character,  leadership  and  academic  distinctions  that  will  enrich our community  and positively enhance  the world among us.


    May God’s favor  continue to bless,  protect and provide  abundant  riches  through the value of education that will resound within the walls  of our school  and throughout  our community for the next 125 years and beyond!



    Carlos R Phillips II, Ed.D.




    Phone: 713-696-6600