Principal's Message

  • Dr. Carlos Phillips II, Principal

    Greetings Eagles,

    As we prepare to enter another school year, as always, it is with great honor, humbleness and dignity for me to serve as the proud 10th principal of the illustrious and historic Booker T. Washington High School and the High School for the Engineering Professions (BTWHS/HSEP).  This great institution of learning has enhanced the lives of many young men and women for over 130 years.  As principal, I am thankful to be able to work among highly trained teachers and staff who have prepared themselves for another amazing journey in education.  It is a rewarding experience to have a strong Booker T. Washington Alumni and campus stakeholders who genuinely support the advancement of our beloved school and the most precious resource that embodies its architectural framework, the children.

    It is my sincere belief that this year will be another amazing year as we continue our journey towards optimal academic success through student leadership and positive character building.  Each amazing student who is enrolled at BTWHS/HSEP will now continue to carry the torch towards academic excellence to higher heights. Based on recent data ( ), BTWHS/HSEP is now recognize with an overall accountability rating of “B” with 5 out of 7 Distinction Designations!   Although we are excited about our new rating, we have more work to do.  Our students and staff will work even harder this school year as we set audacious goals that will be aligned to improving all data points that will measure optimal academic growth that begins and ends with a safe learning environment. 

    As educators around the world continue to adjust and apply learning in a “new normal” society, It is my belief that our students will continue to play in the greatest role towards obtaining success as a life-long learner.   They will continue to positively respond to changes, reflect and embrace on the many lessons that the pandemic has taught them and, most importantly, recognize their “WHY” as they desire to be more successful in life.  This generation of youth have proven to naturally attach and apply themselves to the many facets of technology.  Now it is up to us to capture their full attention by empowering their use of technology for higher levels of academic ownership and providing rich academic discourse that will be the catalyst for change in shaping the “new world” we will thrive in.

    In closing, may God’s favor continue to bless, protect and provide abundant riches through the value of education for the students of Booker T. Washington High School and the High School for the Engineering Professions that will resound within the walls  of our school and in each home throughout  our school  community for the next 130 years and beyond!


    Carlos R Phillips II, Ed.D.




    Phone: 713-696-6600