• Mrs. Ebarb

    Welcome to Music! I am Ms. Ebarb, and this 2022-23 year will be my 7th year at Elrod. Before 2016, I was a MS/HS Choir director for 10 years in TX and NC. I’ve also directed church adult choirs and ensembles of all ages for 40+ years. My son, daughter and granddaughter also live in the Houston area.

    This year, I will have an after-school choir for 4th & 5th graders chosen by audition. More details will follow for those students who are interested.

    Every student in every grade will have an opportunity to perform for parents. I’m excited to make it a GREAT year in Music!

    Below are a few videos of past rehearsals and performances. The first one is of the 2016 Elrod Choir singing with my son, Chris Ebarb.

    Elrod “Man in the Mirror” https://youtu.be/rJTJbEwAWQg?t=90


    Ms. Ebarb "A Million Dreams" https://youtu.be/VnAjWotodhQ


    Ms. Ebarb and Chris Ebarb “Evidence of Lovehttps://youtu.be/0OSw63PDIJg


    Elrod “Family” https://youtu.be/A8UZE6M_f7c?t=35 Family (rehearsal) https://youtu.be/2j59XXDQds4


    Elrod “He Lives in You” rehearsal https://youtu.be/QMob4ckFp4o


    Elrod “Lift Every Voice” https://youtu.be/u7ZjlRUuQSA


    Elrod “Heal the World” https://youtu.be/3d9faRnixlE?t=52