Welcome to Communities In Schools (CIS)



    Communities In Schools Program Orientation

    Communities In Schools of Houston provides student support specialists to work with students and their families within the campus community.


    We provide or coordinate support services for students living in situations that place them at risk and/or have difficulty navigating the academic and non-academic barriers to stay on the path to graduation.


    In addition, we engage community partners and volunteers to effectively and efficiently address both the academic and non-academic needs of students.


    Communities In Schools integrated student supports approach connect the school and students with the following tiers of support:

    • Tier I – School-Wide or large group services designed to foster positive school climate and address school-level needs that impact students within the campus community.
    • Tier II – Targeted Programs are services offered to students and/or families with common needs, often received in a group setting within the campus community.
    • Tier III – Individualized Support services offered to students and/or families with multiple-complex needs most often provided in one-on-one setting within the campus community.


    The CIS Program Model is a comprehensive holistic approach to service delivery built on these Five Basics we believe that every child needs and deserves:

    1. A one-on-one relationship with a caring adult;
    2. A safe place to learn and grow;
    3. A healthy start and a healthy future;
    4. A marketable skill to use upon graduation; and
    5. A chance to give back to peers and community.


    Communities In Schools offers services and activities in the following Six Components:

    • Supportive Guidance and Counseling
    • Health and Human Services
    • Academic Support and Educational Enhancement
    • Parental and Family Engagement
    • College and Career Awareness
    • Cultural Enrichment