• Recommendation To Communities In Schools


    What specific challenges or issues should I look for before referring a student for services with Communities In Schools?


    Since teachers have daily contact with students, oftentimes a teacher will be the person who observes any significant changes in a student’s “normal” grades, behavior, and/or attitudes.


    There are numerous behaviors and/or situations that indicate a recommendation to Communities In Schools might be helpful to a student.


    Below are some reasons for recommendation, but feel free to refer students who exhibit behaviors not listed –



    Student consistently fails to get passing grades, expresses a lack of interest in academic subjects and/or persistently fails to complete daily homework assignments. Grades or GPA show a marked decline from previous performance.



    Student has difficulty with regular attendance to school and/or on-time reporting to either class or school. Student can’t make it to early morning classes or is always late for classes.

    Disruptive Behavior


    Student’s behavior commands a large portion of your attention daily. Student tends to be consistently disruptive and/or is often sleeping in class.

    Disciplinary System Involvement


    Student remains continually in trouble and/or is thrown out of class for unacceptable classroom behavior.

    Financial Problems


    Student lets you know there are financial difficulties/challenges such as parental job loss or food insecurity in the home.


    Legal Problems


    Student misses class because of court appearances or because his/her family is currently experiencing legal problems. Student indicates that a parent or member of his/her household has been incarcerated or deported in recent months.


    Emotional Issues


    Student is dealing with loss, abuse, strained relationships at home or with his/her peers. Student appears distraught, irritable, moody, or depressed.


    Social Challenges


    Student exhibits low self-esteem, early sexual involvement, body image issues, or is struggling with questions regarding sexual orientation. Student bullies others, is the victim of bullying or digital aggression through social media.


    Health Problems


    Student is constantly out ill, has special health needs – asthma, vision problems, or need for medical and dental services.


    Need For Enrichment


    Student expresses interest in volunteerism. Student needs a positive outlet for stress, has an interest in mentoring, or community service.


    Need For Skills Enhancement


    Student needs motivation, career exploration opportunities or college access guidance. Student could benefit from pre-employment skills and/or building leadership skills.