High School Ahead Academy Middle School

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  • Attendance Requirements

    • At HISD, missing more than 10 percent (or 17 days) of school a year can lead to a student not receiving a grade or being retained, but more importantly, it represents lost time in the classroom and a lost opportunity to learn. For complete details on HISD’s attendance policy, please see HISD Attendance Policy.


     On HSAA's current schedule, this means a student can lose credit for a course when the number of unexcused absences becomes 8 or greater in first period or 4 or greater in any other period. Attendance excuse notes must be submitted to the At-Risk Program Administrator, Mr. Carter, no more than 3 school days after the last absence. 
    Please email our At-Risk Administrator Mr. Carter (antravian.carter@houstonisd.org) to submit absence/early pick up note for your student.