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  • Attendance Requirements

    • At HISD, missing more than 10 percent (or 17 days) of school a year can lead to a student not receiving a grade or being retained, but more importantly, it represents lost time in the classroom and a lost opportunity to learn. For complete details on HISD’s attendance policy, please see HISD Attendance Policy.

    Students who have accumulated more than 10% unexcused absences in their courses during the first semester will have asterisks printed on their report cards next to the courses in which the excessive absences occurred. These students will be denied credit on these courses based on the current HISD attendance policy. Asterisks will begin to print in the cycle where the absence limit is exceeded. A NG will print as the semester average on the report card and transcript. A school may not adjust, or alter in HISD Connect, the excessive absence limit used to deny credit.

    Students with unexcused absences between 10%-25% of class meetings can have credit restored upon successful completion of a plan approved by the Principal (Attendance Appeals).

    Students must be present 60 minutes of a 90-minute class period in order to be considered in attendance unless they are participating in a field trip or other activity approved by the principal.

    What do I do when I return to school after being absent?

    Make sure you submit an excuse to Ms. Harris at the front desk. Make sure your name and student ID are on your excuse. You have 3 days, from the day you return to school, to submit your excuse. Per district policy there is a time limit on when excuses can be entered into the system. Once the grading cycle ends and report cards have been issued, your absences for that cycle should not be changed.

    If I submit excuses for all my absences, why do I have an NG?

    While your excuses may be accepted and entered, you are still limited to how many absences you can have on a course before credit is lost. The number of absences IS NOT SET BY THE CAMPUS, it is automatically calculated by the HISD Connect System. Campuses are not authorized to override this setting.

    What do I do once I have an NG on my report card/transcript?

    Listen to school announcements, check your Teams Chat and Outlook Email regularly for opportunities to complete the Attendance Appeal process. Notices may also be mailed to your home.

    What do I do if I feel that there is an error in my attendance for one of my classes?

    Your first point of contact should be the teacher of the class with the attendance error. Talk to the teacher, reach out via email or Teams Chat to confirm the day in question. Keep in mind if you left class and were gone for more than 30minutes (for 90-minute class), you were officially absent and need to submit an excuse for the absence. If your concern is not resolved by the teacher, your next point of contact should be an Administrator.

    If you have additional questions regarding Attendance Appeals, or the Attendance Appeal process, please contact Ms. Colemon