The medical clinic is located near the main office and is staffed by a school nurse. Students must secure a permit from their teacher prior to reporting to the nurse. If you become ill, report to your teacher and request a permit to the nurse. If it is at the end of a period or during passing time, or lunch period, a permit from your next period teacher is required. This applies to all classes, including P.E. Only in cases of emergency will the school nurse see a student without a valid permit. If the door to the clinic is locked, report immediately to the assistant principal’s office. School personnel is not permitted to give medication of any kind, including aspirin, similar preparations, or any other drugs unless a written statement from his/her physician and a permission slip from his/her parent(s) is on file within the clinic. If the circumstances are questionable, the school employee reserves the right to deny the parent’s request. Students will be scheduled to come to the clinic for medicines. If prescription medication is required, it must be in its original container, kept in locked storage in the office of the school nurse or the principal’s designee, and administered by the nursing staff or a school employee. The school may accept a sufficient quantity of medicine for one month. Upon receipt, the medicine will be inventoried and discrepancies reported to parents. Only prescription medication needed for the student to remain in school will be administered. No vitamins, health food, or herbal preparations will be given by the school nurse. Medication with a limited duration will be administered for the time prescribed on the label, and any leftover medicine not picked up by the parent will be destroyed after two weeks.


    PHYSICAL EDUCATION RESTRICTION CARDS signed by a medical doctor are required of students who cannot participate in P.E. for medical reasons. Cards are available from the nurse or school administration.