Staff Directory

First Name Last Name Email Title
Johnatan Guzman Principal Middle School
AnnMarie Albers Special Education Co-Teacher
Maria Aldrett Office Manager
Elvia Alvarado Teacher Apprentice
Dalia Bermudez Copy clerk
Alexius Berry Learning Coach
Alexis Berryman 8th Grade Math Teacher
Tara Brooks Elective Classes Teacher
Debra Brown Special Education Teaching Asst
Angelita Cabalu SPED Life Skills Teacher
Gerard Caliste Elective Classes Teacher
Melissa Contreras 6th Grade Science of Reading Tchr
Jay Copeland Teacher Apprentice
Jose DelRio 8th Grade Math Teacher
Donna Dickson-White Assistant Principal,
Mecca English Special Education Teacher
Mireya Estrada 8th Grade Science Teacher
Angela Etienne Special Education Co-Teacher
Tomas Garcia 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Tatiana Gomez Teacher Apprentice
Sandra Gonzalez Assistant Principal,
Angelica Hernandez 7th Grade ELA Teacher
Brandon Hernandez 6th Grade Math Teacher
Maria Hernandez Teacher Apprentice
Kamilah Hill 8th Grade ELA Teacher
Layanna Jenkins 8th Grade Art of Thinking Teacher
Zipporah Johnson Reading Success Teacher
Kristy Lee ELD Interventionist Teacher
Quirsta Linsey Learning Coach
Steven Lopez Math Success Teacher
Felipe Lozano Special Education Teaching Asst
Imeen Manahan 7th Grade Art of Thinking Teacher
Diveanne Martinez 7th Grade Math Teacher
Teresa Martinez 6th Grade ELA Teacher
Demarquis Miller 7th Grade Math Teacher
Laura Montes 6th Grade Math Teacher
Maiya Moore Dean of Students
Claudia Padilla 7th Grade ELA Teacher
Ruby Padilla 8th Grade ELA Teacher
Ronda Pohner Elective Classes Teacher
Elvira Ramirez Learning Coach
Sandra Ramirez Asst. Office Manager
Andre Randle 7th Grade Science Teacher
Sandra Rios Special Education Teaching Asst
Aaliyah Rivas Learning Coach
Amanda Rodriguez Elective Classes Teacher
Margaret Sanders Special Education Teacher
Alba Stjepanovic Student Information Rep
Sherbie Strawder 6th Grade ELA Teacher
Rochelle Temple Learning Coach
Glenda Torres Counselor
Juan Tovar Special Education Co-Teacher
Joel Turcios Learning Coach
Diana Valle 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Josue Vasquez 6th Grade Science Teacher
Kathy Warren--Ramirez SPED Education Coordinator (Chair)
Chase Washington Learning Coach
Tara Webb 6th Grade Art of Thinking Teacher
Charles White Special Education Teacher
Chyler White Special Education Teaching Asst
Dionne Williams 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher