• Shared Decision Making Committee is a group of teachers, parents, school staff, administrators, and community members elected by their peers in the spring to serve for the following year. The SDMC is chaired by the principal and is the policy-setting body for the school. Decisions are made and school policy established based on expressed community needs and guidelines of the Texas Education Agency and Houston Independent School District.

Meeting Dates

Committee Members

First Name Last Name TITLE
Zaira Gomez Principal
Monica Rojas Administrative Staff
Ghida Hijazi Administrative Staff
Lulu Reynaga Non Instructional
Cathleen Sanchez Classroom Teacher
Omar Huerta Classroom Teacher
Anna Contreras Classroom Teacher
Dayana Marenco Classroom Teacher
Guadalupe Ortega Classroom Teacher
Mary Guerrero Parent
Monica Roman Parent
Rosie Munivez Counselor
Oscar Hernandez Business Partner
Maria Arzapala SPED chair
Natasha Putman School-Based Professional

SDMC Agendas

SDMC Minutes