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    Medication Administration on Campus:


      • IMPORTANT, PLEASE NOTE: ALL medications must have an Houston ISD medication form on file before the medication can be on campus. To be valid, this form MUST:
        • ONLY list ONE medication per form.
          • If your doctor wants your child to have options (e.g. Naproxen & Tylenol) two forms MUST be filled out.
        • Be the approved HISD Medication/Asthma Action Plan/Allergy Action Plan form.
          • Other forms/doctor/parent notes cannot be accepted.
        • Be signed by BOTH a Parent/Legal Guardian AND the Doctor.
          • Other forms signed by doctors/parents, or non-HISD forms cannot be accepted per HISD guidelines.
        • Contain all information related to medication, including frequency, dose, and Diagnoses (aka, the reason we’re giving the medication).
          • Parents should check to make sure what the pharmacy gave you matches the orders before leaving the pharmacy!
        • Per district policy, doctor orders signed by doctors are needed for everything from cough drops to daily medications! Please plan ahead if your child has a need – DO NOT send them to school with a medication that does not have a fully completed order or the medication will be discarded.
      • ALL medications MUST be pharmacy labeled. This includes:
        • Over-The-Counter medications such as cough drops, Tylenol, Advil, Midol, etc., nutritional supplements or homeopathic/herbal remedies.
        • Prescription medications.
      • ALL medications MUST be in their original bottle.
        • Loose medications, medications in Ziploc bags, or daily pill containers will be discarded.
      • Additionally, please Make sure the expiration date on the bottle matches the expiration date of the medication (don’t re-use old bottles)
      • Students are not allowed to bring or self-administer ANY medication to campus without the doctor’s order and parent signature on approved Houston ISD medication forms. This includes items such as: Tylenol, ibuprofen, Midol, cough drops, inhalers, and allergy medicine, etc.
    • Students with Asthma
      • The Asthma Action Plan is to be completed by your child's doctor. 

    Asthma Action Plan

    • Students with Allergies and prescribed Epi-pen

    The Epi-Pen Form is to be completed by your child's doctor.

    Epi-Pen Form

    • Students with Food Allergies

    The "Physician's Request for Special Dietary Accommodations” is to be filled out by your child's doctor. (Medical diagnosis must be mentioned)

    Physician Request for Dietary Accommodations

    Special Diet

    Food Allergy - Anaphylaxis Action Plan


    • Students who require prescribed medication or over the counter medication during school hours

    Your child's doctor will need to complete the "Request for Administration of Medication at School Form" and prescribe the medication including pain or any other medication.  The medication is to be brought to the clinic in the original container as dispensed by the pharmacist.

    Medication Form


    Student Visits to the Clinic:

      • Except in an emergency, students must have a permit from their teacher to visit the clinic. 
      • After the nurse assesses the student’s condition, the student may be sent home for the following reasons:
        • Temperature of 100 or higher
        • Vomiting in Clinic or a classroom
        • Fainting
        • Seizures lasting longer than 5 minutes, a series of small seizures, or new-onset seizures
        • Serious accidents or injuries resulting in broken or dislocated bones, suspected head or neck injury, eye injury, etc.
        • Red or pink eye associated with pain and/or drainage
        • Suspected contagious illness 
        • Chest pain with abnormal vital signs
        • Known or suspected infection that is untreated and/or potentially contagious (example: strep throat, chickenpox, etc)
        • Live lice (not nits that have been treated)
        • Bleeding that will not stop after pressure
        • Lacerations that may require stitches
      • If your child needs to go home, please pick your child up within an hour. If this cannot be accomplished, please discuss with clinic personnel.
      • For conditions other than emergencies, the student will be managed in the clinic and allowed to return to class.
      • When the clinic is closed for screenings, class presentations, etc., students sent to the clinic will see the Front Office Staff.
      • If your child has a known health condition (or is diagnosed with a health condition during the school year) please share the information with the nurse. This information and/or recent medication changes may have an impact on your child at school.


    Student Vaccinations


    All students enrolled at Briargrove Elementary School (including students enrolled in the magnet program) must be compliant with all state required vaccination per state law. Students who remain out of compliance after immunization updates have been requested may be un-enrolled from the school. 


    Please note: your doctor may/may not utilize Immtrac in a timely manner (or at all) and has no state or school reporting requirements (e.g. they do not contact the school when your child's immunizations have been updated). It is your duty as a parent to provide proof of immunization to the school upon request.



    Annual Health Screenings

    The clinic conducts state-required health screenings annually. These health screenings are non-invasive and help protect the health of your child. If we find your child may need further evaluation, you will receive a letter from the clinic containing information to be discussed on follow up with your primary care provider. 

     Annual state-required screenings are:

      • 5th grade:
        • Spinal Screenings (visual screening for Scoliosis)
      • Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st, 3rd, 5th:
        • Vision Screenings (students with glasses/contacts are screened with their corrective wear on, if available)
        • Hearing Screenings
        • Acanthosis nigricans (a darkening/cracking of the skin most commonly seen on the back of the neck and at the folds of the elbows and wrist)
          • blood pressures, height, and weight may also be assessed at the Nurse's discretion.


    Nurse Tobias email: Amanda.tobias@houstonisd.org

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