• The dress code is designed to promote a safe learning environment free of distractions. Several areas are directly addressed; however, any item determined to be a distraction to the educational process will not be allowed. The administrative team will serve as the final arbitrator to determine what distracts from the educational process. Parents are asked to monitor their child's attire since violations may result in students being removed from classes. Appropriate items may be found in most local department or discount stores.





    -Plain polo or collard, three-buttons shirts may be worn:

    • 6th grade - Red
    • 7th grade – Blue/Royal
    • 8th grade – Black

    -Thomas authorized t-shirts, or college shirts, can be worn only on Fridays to promote school spirit- this does not include the P. E. uniform t-shirt.

    -Only white t-shirts/undershirts are allowed to be worn underneath uniform shirts.



    -Navy, khaki, or black long pants (uniform or cargo)

    -Jeans are acceptable (no rips, holes, frays, designs, or prints)


    • shorts
    • skirts or skorts
    • capris
    • cropped pants
    • spandex, denim, denim-like, nylon, stretch clothing or parachute fabric
    • jogging pants/warm-ups
    • formfitting or baggy (over-sized) clothes; pants must be true to size and worn at the waist
    • pants should be rolled up at any time



    For safety reasons, students will only be allowed to wear plain belt buckles and not those with name plates, scrolling messages or any type of belt that is deemed a safety risk by the administration.


    2021-2022 Cougar Dress Code