Albert Thomas Middle School 

    5655 Selinksky Road, Houston,Texas 77048


    The Albert Thomas and parents of students participating in activities, services, and programs funded by Title I, Part A of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) agree that this compact outlines how parents, Albert Thomas Middle School staff, and students will share the responsibility for the improved student academic achievement. Additionally, the means by which the school and parents will build and develop a partnership that will help children achieve the high standards set by the state of Texas and the Houston Independent School District.  


    School Responsibilities 

    The Albert Thomas Middle School Staff will: 

    • Provide high-quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive, effective and safe learning environment that enables the participating students to meet the state’s student academic achievement standards
    • Provide highly-qualified teachers that are well prepared and equipped with research-based instructional strategies that will make learning interesting and fun
    • Hold parent-teacher conferences during which this compact will be discussed as it relates to the individual student achievement
    • Provide parent(s) with frequent reports on the progress of their child(ren)
    • Provide parent(s) reasonable access to staff
    • Provide parent(s) opportunities to volunteer 


    Parent Responsibilities 

    We, the parents, will support our child(ren) learning by implementing the following: 

    • Monitoring attendance and tardiness
    • Ensuring that homework, school projects, etc. are completed
    • Volunteer at the school for special occasions
    • Participate in decision-making for my child(ren)
    • Monitor time spent watching television/social media/internet use
    • Promote positive use of my child(ren) extracurricular time
    • Participate in school activities related to literacy and other academic information sessions (i.e. Parent University, Literacy Night, etc.)
    • Stay informed and abreast about my child(ren) academics, communicate with the school promptly and regularly, read all school and/or district communications




    Student Responsibilities 


    We, the students, will share the responsibility to improve our academic achievement and achieve the state’s high standards by implementing the following: 

    • Completing all homework assignments, school projects, etc. daily and/or by the assigned due date
    • Read at least 30-45 minutes nightly
    • Give my parent(s) all school notices received from school and/or the district
    • Participate in afterschool and/or Saturday interventions, as deemed necessary by my school administrators and teachers.



    For more detailed information on our school's Title 1 services, please click here.