The Dream Team

  • Meet Durkee Elementary's dream team. When it comes to feeding hundreds upon hundreds of kids on a daily basis, they get the job done. Let's take a moment to thank them for the hard work they do day in, day out. It's no small feat doing what they do. Covid-19 hasn't made their job any easier either. Too often the work they do goes unnoticed. Our school could not function without them. We love our lunch ladies. Let them know how much you appreciate them. Let them know how awesome they are. 

School Lunch Hero Day


    What is School Lunch Hero Day?

    School Lunch Hero Day is Friday, May 6, 2022. This day we celebrate the difference that school nutrition professionals make for every one of our Durkee students who comes through the cafeteria. Thank them for their hard work.


    Is being a lunch lady a hard job?

    This is hard work to do. A lot of the food ingredients come in huge oversized containers. Giant cans of vegetables and fruits, or huge bags of food items require our lunch heroes to be in good physical shape to prepare meals for hundreds of Durkee students daily.


    What does a cafeteria worker do?

    A normal day usually consists of preparing the equipment and kitchen for the day's service. The menu is reviewed to determine the food and drinks that will be served. Food is prepared and served. As food and kitchen supplies are used up, cafeteria ladies restock the kitchen. The kitchen as well as dishes, pots and pans are all cleaned and washed on a daily basis.

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