Houston Public Libraries Electronic eBooks (free access)

  • Teens, Axis360, and ComicsPlus can be accessed free of charge through the Houston Public Libraries website. Instructions for how to Log-in to any of these resources can be found at the bottom of this page.

    If you are interested in obtaining a library card for your child or even yourself, a link for information on how to do that can also be found at the bottom of this page.

Teens PAGE

  • Houston Public Library Teens

  • Download e-books, audiobooks, e-magazines, comics in browser.,





How to access HPL e-books

  • To enter Houston Public Library (HPL) Pages:


    Sign-in: First letter of LAST name + ID number (B1234567)                          

    Password: Birthday Month/Day (0819)                                                                        

    Free Reader App: Libby/Overdrive 
















Axis 360

  • axis 360

  • Axis 360 is an e-book and e-audiobook service. Use in a browser or get the app. After downloading the app and setting up your account, you can check out and read or listen with just 3 clicks.

Example of how to log on

  • Example:

                    John Doe


                    DOB 01-22-2010

    example of log in box









Comics Plus

  • Comics Plus

  • Digital comics and graphic novels from top publishers and creators. Use in your browser or get the Library Pass Comics Plus app.



How can I get an HPL card?

  • Houston Public Library CardConfused and questioning face


    Q: What if I don't have a Houston Public Library card?



    A: Learn how to get one by clicking the picture above.