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  • What should I do for an absence?

    Students who have been absent or tardy must present a written excuse from the parents or guardian when they return to school. Parents may also fax excuse notes to the attendance office @713-696-2877 call the attendance clerk at 713-696-2870  or email attendance at: gracine@houstonisd.org


    Excuses for absences and tardies are:

    • personal illness
    • sickness or death in the family
    • quarantine
    • weather or road conditions making travel dangerous
    • participation in school activities with permission of the principal
    • juvenile court proceeding documented by a probation officer
    • approved college visitation
    • emergencies
    • religious holidays

    In the case of ANY absence, excuse notes must be turned in to the attendance office within three days of returning to school. All notes must contain the following:

    • student's full legal name and school ID number
    • date(s) of absence and the
    • The date the note was written
    • parent name, signature, and contact phone number

    What if I am absent for a long period of time?
    Absences of 5 or more consecutive school days must be excused with a doctor’s note.

    Why wasn’t my absence excused?
    If a student does not check out before leaving campus or sign in upon late arrival OR if excuse notes are turned in for a previous grading cycle (6 weeks) that has ended, an excuse note will not be accepted.

    How do I pick my child up early? 
    If a parent is picking up a student, they must have an ID,  DL, or passport.   Pick-up time stops at 2:15 pm every day; please arrive before that time.  Students will not be released, if the person who is picking up a student is not on the system, they will be sent to their Assistant Principal for approval. Students will need to provide a note the next day to excuse the periods that were missed.