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School Information/ Información de la escuela

  • Luis Sabillon
    School Phone Number
    (713) 696-2630
    Fax Number
    (713) 696-2633


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A Day at Coop/Un día en coop

    School Hours/Horario Escolar
    7:30 AM - 3:00 PM
    School Doors Open/Puertas abren
    7:15 AM PK and Kinder
    7:30 1st - 5th
    (Children are NOT supervised before this time/
    Los estudiantes NO SON supervisados antes de este horario)
    Breakfast in the classroom/
    Desayuno en el salón de clase
    7:30 AM
    taken daily at 10:00 AM
    2:50 PM

Welcome to Coop Elementary!


    Principal Sabillon
    Luis Sabillon, Principal 
    Phone: 713-696-2630

    Luis Sabillón has been selected as the new principal of Coop Elementary School. Sabillón currently serves as a Dean of Instruction for Marshall Academy of Fine Arts. During his tenure at Marshall, he oversaw LPAC, Special Education, IAT, PLCs, and lead the ELA and Math Departments. He began his educational career at Brookline Elementary as a classroom teacher and served as an Early Childhood Teacher Specialist.

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