About Coop

Coop Elementary
  • History of Coop:

    Coop Elementary was named after Ethel R. Coop, a trustee of the HISD Board of Education from 1928-1942. Ethel R. Coop later worked for the Food Services Department. To find out more about the histories of HISD schools, click here

  • Mission Statement
    At Coop Elementary we promote academic and personal growth by building relationships, creating opportunities, and empowering students to become global graduates.

  • Vision Statement 
    Collaboratively building well-rounded life-long learners ready to lead and compete in the 21st century.
  • At Coop we value: 

    - a safe environment. 
    - respectful citizens.
    - positive attitudes.
    - proactive learners.
    - empowered success.
    - incorporating technology.
    - community involvement.
    - accountability.
    - continuous professional growth.
    - creating a collaborative atmosphere.

    We know that in order for our students, faculty, and staff to succeed they must feel Capable, Connected, and Cared For


    Coop Federal Report