• Teacher Tools 

    How to Use Google Forms - You can easily create a form, survey, test, or quiz for your students to complete on any device with an Internet browser. Google keeps track of the answers in one spreadsheet, provides you with a visual summary of responses, and you can set up an auto-graded form (all for free).


    Edmodo - This social networking site looks a lot like the other one, but without the games. It also has the capability of polling, assignments, and grading, and just being a fun way to interact with the students. Private and Secure.
    Moodle - In this online classroom, you can post assignments, tests, quizzes, and information. Students can turn in their assignments, and tests are graded automatically.
    Glogster - This is an online poster creator which allows you to add video, music, and flash applications for a poster that really pops!
    Edublogs - Want them to write? Ask them to blog!
    Wikispaces - This is a collaborative platform that allows students to work together to create pages, showcase work, embed videos, and whatever else they can think of. It is as private and secure as you want it.
    Empresser - This presentation tool allows educators to upload video, images, audio, etc. to create an appealing presentation for students. Content can be easily uploaded from Google, Picasa, Flickr, etc. to create a presentation for the class.
    Animoto - This video tool can be used to create vocabulary lists that can be embedded into a blog. It's a great way for students to review, learn, and internalize academic vernacular. The free version of this website is limited to making 30 seconds of video.*
    *Excerpts from techedge, Issue Four of November 2011, a publication of TCEA.org.