Mr. Jaime Davila

  • Mr. Davila
    Jaime Davila Elementary School opened its doors in August of 1990 to provide the children of the surrounding community with a quality neighborhood school that would promote high standards of academic achievement.  The school was named after Jaime Davila, the son of immigrant parents from Mexico.  Mr. Davila was born on December 2, 1959 not far from the site on which our school is built.

    Mr. Davila was a product of the Houston Independent School District and was the first student from the East End of Houston to receive a full paid scholarship to Harvard University.  He graduated Cum Laude in 1982 and went on to study at the the University of Texas School of Law.  Upon graduation he became a very successful attorney.  Mr. Davila reached many accomplishments, unfortunately, he passed away before completing one of his goals; entering public service.  Nonetheless, Mr. Davila continues to serve as a great role model for the current and future students of the school that bears his name.  For they can see that a person who was just like them, grew up in their same community; became a successful leader.