The Mission of Kelso Elementary is to create a safe and nurturing environment for student-centered learning; that impacts students positively, so they are life-long learners who have a sense of pride in academics, family, community, and themselves. 
    Our vision at Anna B. Kelso Elementary School will become one of the premier Elementary Schools in the Houston Independent School District by establishing a keen focus on academic education, preparation of First Instruction, and the social emotional well-being of the scholars she serves.  We will Change the Narrative regarding the reputation and quality of education obtained at Kelso.  At Kelso Elementary every student will be successful and a life-long learner. We will achieve this vision by creating a safe and positive learning environment that exhibits exemplary standards and a collaborative spirit, developing independent thinkers who are self-disciplined and will take ownership of their learning. We will build strong partnerships with our school community where parents will become more involved in the learning process,and promote citizenship, so students will be responsible and take pride in their school. 
    We will create a parent-friendly school by communicating with parents on a monthly basis. (through take home folders, progress reports, phone calls, conferences, etc.) We will work collaboratively as a team by participating in PLCs, faculty meetings, etc. We will maintain good classroom management by developing and implementing a proactive approach to discipline by rewarding our students for desired behaviors and recognizing their successes. We will promote confidence and responsibility by offering an extra-curricular activity to our students. We will model professionalism and respect at all times to colleagues, parents and our school community. We will provide individualized instruction to address the needs of all students through workstations and small group instruction. We will be reflective in our practice by seeking professional development to learn more knowledge about the curriculum, best practices/strategies, and using data to drive instruction. 
    Mascot and Colors
    Our school mascot is the Eagle and our school colors are Royal Blue and Gold.