• Dress Code
    The school dress code has been developed to help keep students safe and focused on learning. All students are required to wear the Sugar Grove Academy uniform as defined in the following policy. The Dress Code is in effect for all after school activities. Students are expected to follow dress code policy at all times.Several areas are directly addressed; however, any item determined to be a distraction to the educational process will not be allowed.  The administrative team will serve as the final arbitrator to determine what distracts from the educational process. Parents are asked to monitor their child’s attire since violations may result in students being removed from classes.  If a student continues to violate the dress code policy, appropriate administrative action will be taken.

    Slacks / Pants / Shorts / Skirts:
    • Pants, Capri pants, knee-length shorts or knee-length skirts must be khaki in color and worn at the waist at all times.  A belt may be needed to comply with this policy. If a belt is worn, it must be brown. Gym shorts will not be allowed to be worn over school slacks/pants. 
    • Pants should be cuffed or straight-hemmed. Slack/pant legs are not to be tied, folded or rolled up at the ankles. 
    • Lycra, spandex, leggings, tights, etc. are prohibited.
    • Pants, shorts, Capris, or skirts may not have any adornments or logos. 
    • Sagging or baggy pants, jumpers, overalls, and midriff blouses are not permitted.
    • Pants may not be frayed or split and cannot drag on the floor.
    • Skirts length must be worn no shorter than 3 inches above the knee. Skirts must fit appropriately and must not be tight-fitting.

     Uniform Shirts:

    • Shirts MUST be official Sugar Grove Academy t-shirts or polo shirts with the SGA logo.
    • Class shirt colors are as follows: Blue(6th), Red (7th) and Gray (8th). 
    • Shirts must fit appropriately. Form-fitting or oversized shirts are prohibited.
    • Shirts may not be cut or altered in any way (including writing, graffiti, rips, tears, worn inside-out, or worn backward)
    • All undershirts must be white. Undershirts must fit properly (not oversized or visible below the waist of the uniform shirt)


    • Open-toed shoes, house shoes, slippers, flip-flops, sandals or any shoe without a hard sole or back are not allowed.
    Identification Badges:
    • All students must wear ID Badges on a lanyard around their neck at all times. No exceptions. 
    • Students without an ID Badge will need to purchase a temporary badge for $1.
    • Jackets must be a solid SGA color (navy blue, red, or grey).
    • Pullover jackets, hoodies, and sweaters are not allowed on campus. 
    • Coats may be worn to school on cold days, but must be removed inside the building.

    Hair/Head Coverings: 

    • No hats, caps, bandanas, scarves, ear muffs, hair wraps, combs, picks may be worn on campus.
    • Haircuts must be free from any decorative cuts.
    • Hair must be neat, clean, and well groomed, not hanging in the eyes.
    • Headbands may be worn in the building if their purpose is to hold the hair in place and they do not distract from instruction.
    • Head coverings worn for religious purposes or medical purposes are permitted.
    • Students may not write words, symbols, designs on exposed skin or on clothing.
    • Excessive makeup is not permitted.
    • Bracelets with metal spikes are not permitted.
    • Large hoop and chandelier style earrings are not permitted. Earrings must be smaller than a quarter.
    • Heavy chains, large pendants, and chokers are not permitted.
    • Any exposed tattoos that are deemed inappropriate by administration must be covered.
    • Mouth jewelry, which includes piercing of the tongue, lips, cheeks and face is prohibited at all times.
    • All backpacks must be CLEAR or MESH.
    • No blankets are allowed on campus.


    Students may be eligible for a free dress day (assigned periodically throughout the year) if they have one of the following: 
    • Perfect attendance with no tardies, and an "S" in conduct.
    • Honor roll, and "E" or "S" in conduct.
    • Earning an "E" in conduct.
    • Earning a Special Goal from the Office and/or teacher.
    All rules governing size of clothing, adornment, ID badges, shoes, and pants/slacks still apply on dress-days.

    Non-Waiver of Dress Code:
    • A note from a parent cannot be used to excuse deviation from the Sugar Grove Academy dress code.