• Sugar Grove Academy

    School Wide Classroom Rules

    * Be Respectful and Responsible

    * Dress and Act Appropriately

    * Be Positive and Prepared for class

     Be sure that ALL electronic devices are out of sight ….they cannot be seen or heard!

     Hallway passes are not permitted until 15 minutes after the class starts and passes are not permitted 15 minutes before class ends.

    All students are allowed to eat and drink in the school cafeteria. Eating and drinking is not permitted in the classrooms at Sugar Grove Academy.

    Arrival Procedures

     6th grade students will report directly to the gym.

     7th and 8th grade students will report to the cafeteria and sit in their assigned area.

    During morning arrival... no students are allowed to exit the building after entering the campus gates.

    Lunch Procedures

     Lions will walk to the right in a single file line to the cafeteria and sit at their assigned table.

    Lions will be allowed to get in line to get a tray after a teacher/administrator gives permission.

    All students must report back to the same table and eat lunch using an inside voice.

    All students must remain seated in the cafeteria. Students will not be allowed to stand and walk to the trash cans without permission.

    Students must clean their table area and place their tray in the trash can when designated personnel (administrators, lunch helpers, etc.) pick up trays near their table.

    Teachers will arrive to the cafeteria before the lunch period ends and instruct students to be sure that their assigned area is clean.

    Administrators will alert students when their teacher is ready for them to line up in a single file line and exit the cafeteria.

    Dismissal Procedures

     Grade levels will be dismissed at staggered times.

     Teachers will listen to announcements and dismissed students according to grade levels.