• SPARK Picture Emerson Elementary celebrated the dedication of their new SPARK Park November 18, 2009.
    The SPARK School Park Program is a non-profit organization operating out of the City of Houston Mayor's office. The program was developed in 1993 by Eleanor Tinsley, a former City Council Member, as a way to increase park space in Houston. The SPARK Committee is responsible for determining what the park will include. Our SPARK Park will be the only one of its kind, and it will stand as a symbol of Emerson’s interests and endeavors. A new United States flag was presented to the school as well as a Texas flag that flew over the state capitol.
    SPARK Park The mission of SPARK Parks are to provide a beautiful and attractive environment for the school, parents, and neighboring community.  Two areas were designed for outdoor classrooms and one area specifically for recreation and physical fitness. Colorful tiles created by the students representing Ralph Waldo Emerson quotations were displayed in the concrete benches in front of the school as well as on the base of the flagpole.