Meet Dr. Albert L. Lemons, Principal

  • Dr. Albert L. Lemons, Principal
    Dear Parents and Guardians,
    As Principal of Atherton Elementary School I plan to sustain our high standards of success for our students, who are the “heart” of our campus. Many of you are aware, that to me, the children always come first, and in order for them to be positively nurtured, I do expect for parents/guardians along with my Faculty/Staff and myself to configure a partnership that will assure that this  positive culture  thrives at home, in the classroom and throughout the school. 
    As is stated in our Parental Involvement Policy and School Compact, we will secure this affiliation through the following commitments:
    As a Parent, I will:

    ~     Be a part of my child’s education by obtaining any communication that has been sent
           home with child, respond if requested to
    ~     Have my child at school on time to complete the entire school day; pick child
           up on time
    ~     Dress my child in uniform daily
    ~     Respect my child’s school personnel by following the rules
    ~     Prepare my child for testing by making sure they have a good night’s rest and proper
    ~     Tell my child how proud I am of him
    ~     Come to my child’s school to be involved in planning and decision making

    As a School, we will:

    ~      Provide a safe, nurturing, college bound environment for children
    ~      Provide educational activities, strategies and techniques that are in alignment with
            those required of the State of Texas and HISD
    ~      Follow all policies that are required of the State and HISD
    ~      Include parents/guardians in planning, designing and implementation of programs
    ~      Hold annual meetings to inform parents and community of the school’s rating and
            students’ achievement as evidenced by mandated State and District tests
    ~      Include Parents/Guardians and Community members in Campus Improvement Plan
    ~      Insure that our Faculty/Staff is highly qualified
    ~      Conduct PAC/PTO meetings, parent conferences, parent workshops
    ~      Provide communication in language spoken
    ~      Provide Professional Development for Faculty/Staff
    ~      Provide Parents/Guardians with instructional program and test descriptions
    ~      Provide students with necessary materials and supplies

    Atherton Elementary School is a Schoolwide Title I school. As the principal, my goal is to ensure that ALL of our students have the necessary and fundamental elements needed to make them intelligent, successful, happy and positive contributors to society. As a team, this dream will be fulfilled.