Student Code of Conduct

  • We expect and encourage good, appropriate behavior at all times while students are on school property and during all school-sponsored activities. Our campus-level discipline management plan is in accordance with the HISD Code of Student Conduct.
    The following behaviors are representative of misconduct frequently disrupting the educational process:
    • Running, excessive noise
    • Cheating, copying work of other students
    • Being improperly dressed
    • Refusal to participate in classroom activities
    • Tardies, truancy
    • Eating or chewing gum
    • Carrying food or soft drinks out of the cafeteria
    • Leaving school grounds after arrival in the mornings or while waiting for a bus in the afternoon
    • Display of inappropriate affection
    HISD Board Policy also provides an action plan of procedures to deal with other major offenses and with chronic, persistent and habitual misconduct of any kind, which interfere with the educational process.

    Policies apply during school hours, before and after school, while on school property and at all school sponsored events. Students and parents should understand that in addition to taking disciplinary action at the school level, illegal acts must be reported to HISD Police and to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

    The following behaviors are representative of major offenses or chronic, persistent and habitual misconduct which disrupt the educational process. Drugs and Alcohol-Using, possessing, selling alcoholic beverages, narcotics or inhalants are prohibited.

    Prescription drugs and OTC (over the counter) drugs are prohibited unless Form No. 40.3740 is properly completed and on file in the nurse’s office. Disruptive Items- No electronic devices (such as pagers, cell phones, giga pets, ameras, laser pointer pens, and radios), toys, or games are permitted at school. Also, students are not to bring their personal sports equipment (such as basketballs or footballs) to use on campus at any time: the physical education department provides any equipment needed by students. Any violation results in confiscation of the disruptive item.
    Exchanges/Unauthorized Sales or Trades- Students are prohibited from making unauthorized sales or trades on school property
    Flammable Materials- Any flammable item or material is forbidden on campus. This includes any type of hair spray, aerosol spray, permanent markers, permanent ink pens felt tip markers, super glues, correction fluid (white-out) or any other permanent type glue.

    Fighting- Fighting is not tolerated at Coop Elementary. Any student who engages in fighting may be subject to immediate suspension, a possible citation or arrest. Although each situation is thoroughly investigated, all procedures described by the HISD Code of Student Conduct will be followed.

    Smoking/Tobacco-Smoking or possession of cigarettes, using/possessing Skoal or any other tobacco product or using or possessing lighters, matches, cigarette papers, or any other cigarette/tobacco paraphernalia is prohibited.

    Stealing- Stealing is defined as the unauthorized possession or carrying away of the personal property of another without the consent or knowledge of the owner. Stealing is dealt with as a major offense in regard to consequences from school authorities and law enforcement authorities.

    Truancy/Cutting Classes/Skipping School- Skipping school results in an unexcused absence from school and the prescribed disciplinary action will be taken by the teacher/administrator.
    Vandalism/Defacing School Property- Damage to school property or property of others is subject to consequences as a major offense.

    Weapons/Prohibited Items- Students cannot bring to school any unauthorized materials or prohibited item such as weapons, laser pointers/pens, knives, fireworks, stink bombs, obscene materials or any object or items which could cause injury to another person and/or which are considered disruptive to the learning process. Students who bring BB guns, pellet guns, or replicas of guns to school will be automatically removed from campus and reassigned to alternative education.

    Chronic Misconduct- Students who repeatedly commit offenses of misconduct are also subject to major offense consequences as prescribed by the HISD Code of Student Conduct. Among the consequences for violating Code provisions are: detention, in-house suspension (IHS), at home suspension, placement with an alternative education program, expulsion, and/or legal citations, criminal prosecution with possible need for restitution when necessary.

    Student Searches- In compliance with applicable related policies, students are subject to lawful physical searches.
    Failure to comply with School Rules- Chronic violations result in additional suspension, reassignment to another campus, or expulsion as applicable in accordance with the procedures prescribed in the HISD Code of Student Conduct.