Attendance Requirements

  • Federal and State Compliance: 713-556-6731

    It is each parent’s duty to require his or her school-aged children to attend school, monitor the students' attendance, and request a conference with school officials to discuss any attendance concerns. In HISD schools, a student must attend at least 93 percent of the days the course meets during the school year in order to receive credit for a course. Students with excessive absences will automatically be referred to the Attendance Committee at the school to determine whether credit may be awarded.

    State law provides that if a student is absent from school without parental consent for any portion of the school day for three days in a four-week period or for ten or more days in a six-month period, the student and the student’s parent or legal guardian are subject to prosecution by the Harris County Justice of the Peace Courts. The student may also be referred to a juvenile court.

    Principals may excuse absences for personal illness, death in the family, or other legitimate reasons. Teachers will give students an opportunity to make up work for all absences. Students and parents must use the established school process for appealing credit lost due to excessive absences.

    Please remember that regular attendance and coming to class on time is an essential part of becoming a successful student. Unless a child is ill, it is important that a child attend every day. However, please do not send children to school if they are ill, it is important that a child attend every day. Excused absences are for illness, doctor or dentist appointments, various religious holidays, and for a death in the immediate family. Any other absence in an unexcused absence. Our District only receives money from the State of Texas for days that students are in their seats. We officially record attendance at 9:45 a.m. We hope that parents will make every effort for their children to attend school each day unless they are ill. When returning to school following and absence, students must bring a note stating the date and the reason for the absence within three days of their return to school. Try to schedule appointments outside of the school day whenever possible. Beginning at 8:00 a.m., office personnel will call all absent students to verify absence.

    To excused an absence, please send a note with the following:
    • student's full name
    • reason for absence
    • date(s) of absence
    • signature of parent or guardian
    • teacher's name and room number