Our Dress Code

  • Polo style shirts only - navy blue, red, white (all shirts must be tucked in with a belt)

    Pants - Khaki, navy blue, Blue Jeans, (No baggy pants accepted)/Skorts/Skirts (finger tip length)

    Shoes - Closed toe & straps on heels for safety (not flip-flops and no house shoes)

    Jewelry - earring hoops no larger than a dime (no large necklaces)

    No professional or college sport attire permitted.

    Jewelry and other accessories, which depict marijuana leaves, drug paraphernalia, or gangs, are not acceptable.

    Students may not wear biking shorts or any other kind of tight-fitting shorts, sweats pants, or jogging suits to school.

    Students must wear their pant on their waist.

    Students may not wear rollers, rakes, wave caps, hairnets, sunglasses or bandanas.

    Students should not wear expensive clothing, shoes, and jewelry to school.

    The school does not assume responsibility for students' lost or stolen items.

    Teachers may ask students not to wear certain items, such as necklaces, if they cause students or others to be distracted. Teachers will take up items and return them only to a parent.

    Turn cell phones off during school hours. If one goes off, the teacher will collect it and there will be a $15 service charge for returning it to you.

    Clear or mesh backpacks are suggested.