CDR Lamar Johnson

    CDR Lamar Johnson

    Grades Taught: 9-12
    Subject: NJROTC
    Conference Periods: 4th
    Phone: 713-696-6634
    Planning period is from 11:00 - 12:00, you can call me at that time.  Additionally, I am available via email all day.   
    Welcome to my home page.  I will do my best to keep this site up to date so that you can stay informed of what we have planned for our wonderful cadets. 

    A little information about the NJROTC Program at BTW is as follows:

    Our program is unique in the high school curriculum, focused entirely on citizenship development. Cadets enter a military environment in which self-discipline, leadership development and personal responsibility are emphasized; reinforced with military drill and physical fitness training. Cadets are required to wear a US Navy supplied uniform to school once a week and on special occasions. Uniform wearing is 45% of their grade. 

    There is NO commitment to future military service attached to membership in the NJROTC program.


    The NJROTC program has an academic component, designed to familiarize the cadets with our government and the US Navy. Completion of two years in the program fulfils a student’s PE requirements for graduation. Students are also eligible for college elective credit for each year of NJROTC completed, and cadets are also able to earn their high school letter jackets.

    We offer a wide variety of extra-curricular activities, including drill teams and Color Guards, competitive marksmanship, orienteering and physical fitness teams. All teams compete with other JROTC units and can advance through State to national level competition. These activities are purely voluntary, though highly encouraged, with practices scheduled after school and competitions on week-ends.

    Community service is a significant part of our extra-curricular activity. We coordinate and sponsor cadet involvement in community service events, to include providing Color and Honor guards for community events.

    We stress that ours is a voluntary program, treated as an elective in the school curriculum. No student is required to join our unit so cadets are expected to adhere to the guidelines and maintain the standards we set. There is much to be gained by students who willingly participate in NJROTC and it is remarkable to see the maturity and confidence gained by those who fully involve themselves in the program.

    Cadets, if selected, can attend one of two summer camps. Basic Leadership Training (BLT) camp is for those selected for future promotion. It is a one-week introductory leadership camp. A Leadership Academy is available for the select few who are expected to lead the unit. BLT is a prerequisite for the Leadership Academy.  BLT and LA are held in Beaumont, Tx.

    We take cadets on field trips to places of interest and military facilities. We plan a couple of day trips during the school year, and may have a longer trip during the summer. We also conduct an annual Military Ball, a formal evening event planned just for our cadets

    The US Navy provides instructors, textbooks, uniforms and military drill equipment. However all extra-curricular activity must be funded either by the school district or the cadets themselves. We do conduct fund-raising activities, but we rely on active parent involvement for funding and chaperone support. Parents are most welcome to attend our week-end drill meets to support their cadets.

    Our goal is to provide a challenging and enjoyable high school experience for those students who seek to practice their leadership skills, to learn to work with others and perhaps to compete at the state and national level. We believe there is no better citizenship program in public high schools today and we are proud to be part of Booker T. Washington's and Houston ISD’s NJROTC unit.

    Questions about any part of our program can be directed to us at (713) 696-6634 or to ljohns39@houstonisd.org.

    Sincerely, CDR Lamar V. Johnson

    Senior Naval Science Instructor