Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do students go the first day of school?

             6th graders report to the GYM to receive their homerooms.

             The homeroom teachers will pick up their homeroom class from the GYM.

    What is the appropriate dress code for Stevenson Middle School?

             Appropriate Dress Code is:

             * 6th grade: RED t-shirt with a crew neck collar; 
                7th grade: BLUE t-shirt with a crew neck collar; 
                8th grade: BLACK t-shirt with a crew neck collar

             * KHAKI or NAVY pants/skirt (NO cargo pants, NO shorts of any kind)

             * WHITE undershirt (if worn)

    Where do students pick up their schedules & school supply list?

    Students will need to bring a PENCIL for the first day of school. Students will receive their
    schedules from their homeroom teacher on the first day of school.  Students’ teacher will
    also give them a copy of the school supply list required for their classes.

    How do students get their P.E. clothes?

           Students will receive an order form in their P.E. classes to take home.

             P.E. uniforms will be sold beginning August 27th for $20.

             Students will need a combination lock for their P.E. locker.

             NO GLASS BOTTLES and NO AEROSOL SPRAYS of any kind are allowed.  

    How can I get involved at the school as a Volunteer?

             If you would like to volunteer, please call (713)943-5725.


    What is the number for Bus Transportation?  (713) 845-5022