Barrick Elementary School opened its doors on March 21, 1949.  The “new school” was referred to as the Alber-Canino Elementary school and was designed to facilitate expansion, with each wing consisting of three rooms.  The wide middle portion was a combination auditorium and lunchroom.  The land itself was acquired through the help of Mr. and Mrs. John Alber.

    The six-room white frame building was constructed to relieve overcrowded conditions in the elementary grades at Burbank.  The ten acres of playground spaced provided healthy training for the children.  The red bud trees donated by Mrs. Alber and all of the other trees and green shrubbery promised to bring a delightful appearance to the landscape of the school.  The faculty consisted of Miss Evelyn Winfrey, Principal and sixth grade teacher; Mrs. Cook, fifth grade teacher; Mr. Morgan, fourth grade teacher; Mrs. Wilkie, third grade teacher; Mrs. Yawn, second grade teacher; and Mrs. White, first grade teacher.  They had a great task ahead of them for Barrick had an enrollment of approximately 200 pupils that first year.    

    The first meeting of the parents and teachers was held on April 7, 1949.  It was at this meeting where all present decided to name the school after Charles Emery Barrick who had been principal at Burbank Elementary.  Mr. Barrick died in August of 1942, two months after he had completed fifteen years of service in HISD.  Mrs. Barrick demonstrated her appreciation by donating a picture of her late husband to the school where it now hangs appropriately in the main entrance hallway.

    At this first meeting of parents and teachers, a slate of officers were elected.  They were F.J. Wooten, President; Mrs. Alice G. Frank, Vice President; Mrs. F.J. Wooten, Secretary; Mrs. A.W. Sherburne, Treasurer; Mrs. Jack McKeeshan, Membership Chairman; and Mrs. Waters, Historian.  These officers held their positions until May 2, 1949 when the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) was organized and new officers were elected.  They were Mrs. R.C. Nolley, President; Mrs. B.P. Chapman, Vice President; Mrs. Jack Higginbotham, Secretary; and Mrs. A.W, Sherburne Treasurer.  The following chairmen were appointed:  Mrs. Wooten, Historian; Mrs. Stark, Publicity; Mrs. McKeehan and Mrs. Wolfe, Hospitality; Mrs. Morris and Mrs. Bozant, Budget; Mrs. Hiram Banks, Publications; Mrs. K.F. Fisher, Study; and Mrs. Stanley Young, Health.

    Throughout the 1949-1950 academic year, many activities were conducted.  Old-fashioned box suppers, square dances, family get-togethers, chili suppers, May fetes, paper drives, and carnivals with costume parades were a few of the many ways that Barrick Elementary was able to thrive.  Close communication between parents, teachers, and children was established.

    In 1959, Barrick was once again in the spotlight of progress.  The old Barrick facilities were no longer able to meet the great demands for space; therefore, in September of 1959, the students walked into a new $400,000 brick school.  In addition to 18 basic classrooms, the plan included one kindergarten room complete with its own outside play area.  At one time, the address of the school had been 801 John Alber Road.  However, the entrance to the new structure faced the short street between Canino Road and John Alber Road.  The road was renamed after the school’s first principal and now the address of the school is 12001 Winfrey Lane.

    In 1961, a fire destroyed Cooley Elementary School.  Because of recent expansion at Barrick Elementary, there was room to hold the population of both schools.  Miss Evelyn Winfrey retired in 1964 after 15 years of service at Barrick.  In 1964, a new principal, Mr. Joe B. Brooks, came to Barrick from DeZavala Elementary.  In the spring of 1965, the cafeteria air conditioning system was installed.  It was the first air conditioning for Barrick.

    The late 60’s brought racial integration to Barrick Elementary.  Black teachers were referred to as crossover teachers.  The first crossover teacher in the Houston Independent School District was Lowa Cook, to McDade Elementary.  She was transferred in September 1967.

    During the 1967-1968 academic year, Barrick reached its highest enrollment – 1,067 students.  In 1968, a $10,000 grant allowed the teachers and the parents to construct a Learning Center and Math Lab.  Finally, in the spring of 1972, Barrick Elementary was completely air-conditioned.

    After 10 years of service, Mr. Brooks, the second principal retired in May 1974.  He was honored with a reception on Sunday, May 19, 1974.  In 1974, Mr. D.F. Funderburk was welcomed as the new principal.  He came from Holden Elementary School.  The enrollment at that time was 1,032.  Then in 1980, Mr. Orwin Mobley, formerly of Scroggins Elementary became the new principal at Barrick Elementary.  In 1988, Dr. Sara Gallo, formerly dean of instruction at McReynolds Middle School was named principal.  During this period of time, the HISD North District built three new elementary schools and Barrick’s enrollment dropped to 700 students.  In 1998, Ms. Lupita Hinojosa, an instructional supervisor from the HISD Southwest District, was named principal.  During the 1998-99 school year, the entire school was wired for internet access; the computer was furnished with 30 iMac computers; and each classroom was given at least two-to-four new computers and a printer.  Enrollment continued to increase and two additional temporary buildings were brought in.  During the 2001-2002 school year, the black top was resurfaced, the bus driveway paved, and canopies were placed over the sidewalks in front of the school.  In 2003-2004, a $58,000 pavilion was constructed, mini-blinds were installed in all classrooms, 2 wireless labs were purchased, and the iMacs were replaced with Windows based computers in the computer lab and most classrooms.

    In 2004, Ms. Hinojosa became the new principal at Fonville Middle School and Mrs. Yolanda Y. Garrido, became acting principal.  Ms. Garrido had been the assistant principal of Barrick for the prior four years.  On October 25, 2004, Ms. Garrido was named the official principal of Barrick Elementary.  Since 2004, a Classroom Performance System was provided for every classroom teacher in grades K-5 including the Science Lab and Library.  Each class is equipped with a laptop, LCD projector and document camera so that teachers can present their lessons with the most current technology.  Barrick Elementary also operates with wireless internet connectivity.  Also beautifying the school is landscaping, an enclosing wrought iron fence, a newly renovated cafeteria , new paint in the main hallway and main office area, and bulletin boards outside each classroom to display the students’ best work.  A new running track was installed at the end of March 2007.

    In the fall of 2005, a new school, Moreno Elementary, opened its doors to relieve the high enrollment of Barrick Elementary, Durkee Elementary, and Northline Elementary.  Barrick Elementary is one of over 300 schools of the Houston Independent School District.  It has a faculty of 46 certified professionals, and 24 paraprofessionals including cafeteria and custodial staff.  Our current enrollment is 710 which is also forecasted for the next school year.