School Profile

  • HISD District and School Profiles provides parents, staff, community members, and other interested parties summary information regarding student performance and outcomes, demographics, and school programs for each HISD school covering the last five years. These profiles are divided by instructional level: elementary, middle, high, combined, and charter schools. Within each instructional level is an alphabetical list of schools available at that level.
    The District and School Profiles for the previous year are annually updated in September. To view district profiles, please visit the Research & Accountability website.

    School Profiles contain the following information:
    • Student Information
    • Teacher and Staff Information
    • Test Performance
    • Accountability Ratings
    • School-based Programs
    District Profiles contains the following information:
    • Glossary of Terms
    • 2020-2021 Initiatives
    • Budget
    • Student enrollment
    • Student Profile
    • Teacher/Staff Profile