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    Miss Pearl Rucker was a native of Belton, a small town in central Texas. Miss Rucker was a graduate of Baylor College at Belton. She also studied at Columbia University in New York, The University of Chicago, and Syracuse University.


    She served as the supervisor of art in the Houston Independent School District from 1912-1935. She died in Houston on February 15, 1936.


    The contributions made by this outstanding pioneer of art education in Houston schools is well remembered and appreciated today. Pearl Rucker Elementary School, erected in 1953, serves as a constant reminder of all the contributions this fine lady made to the lives of many.


    For over 60 years, Rucker Elementary has provided the children of southeast Houston with a quality education and opportunity to make life-long friends. The building was remodeled and received an additional wing in the 2007-2008 school year.


    At Rucker, our core values are commitment, growth, collaboration, creativity, and responsibility.


    Rucker Elementary’s mascot is the roadrunner, an intelligent and witty animal, known for its bravery, endurance, and quick thinking.