Ms. Jones










    Hello there!  

    My name is Toi Jones and I’m the Dance Instructor and Dance Team Coach here at Scroggins Elementary. I have 15+ years of experience as a dancer and performer in a variety of dance styles. I love sharing my passion for dance with my students and instilling skills in them that go beyond the classroom. Students will learn to be disciplined, respectful, responsible, and will leave my classroom with an increased sense of self-worth!  

    Dance is more than a physical skill and will benefit students emotionally as well as academically. My classroom is a “safe place” where we are all “One Body, One Family.”  We will also use dance as an interdisciplinary tool to strengthen student’s skills in core subjects by blending Math, Reading, Science, and Social Studies objectives into Dance lessons. 

    Additionally, students will be exposed to dance styles including, but not limited to: Intro to Ballet, Modern Dance, Contemporary Dance, Hip Hop, Creative Movement, Folk Dance, and various cultural styles including West African, Indian Bhangra, and so much more. Dancers will particpate in school performances and/or productions, and members of the Scroggins Bees Dance Team will have opportunities to participate in school, district, community, and city performances! (Our 2019-2020 Scroggins Bees Dance Team scored a Division 2 rating for their contemporary performance at the 2020 HISD Dance Montage!!)  

    I invite students and dancers from ALL levels and backgrounds to be a part of this amazing experience. In Mrs. Jones’ dance class, we LEARN together, we BUILD together, and we DANCE together!