Scroggins Elementary School

Fine Arts Magnet School

  • Magnet Programs

    • HISD has been an open-choice district for more than 40 years. This means that students are not limited to their neighborhood — or zoned — schools, but may apply to the district’s many magnet programs. These include language-immersion schools, Vanguard/GT schools, STEM programs, Montessori, International Baccalaureate, dual language, fine arts, and more. For a complete list of magnet programs, details on how to apply, and deadlines, please see HISD School Choice.

    It is the vision of our school to bring all students to their full potential and to a level of education that would allow them to become independent and productive life-long learners. In so doing, as adults, they will be able to manage our continually changing technological and multi-cultural society. Our campus is committed to a strong community relationship by enhancement of the cultural, educational, and social resources of the Denver Harbor community. Our emphasis is to be an exemplary school supported through the active development of trusting and supportive relationships in the student and adult communities.

    In order to prepare our students for the future and to accomplish our shared vision of an exemplary school we will:

    Use diverse diagnostic tools to analyze students’ test scores to determine appropriate instructional strategies to be used in addressing the students’ individual needs and learning styles.

    Monitor the results of each individual student through common assessments/test results and use the evidence of these results to guide our processes of continuous improvement.

    Collaborate by grade levels through Professional Development Communities (PLC) on a weekly basis to achieve collective goals in helping students to improve their overall academic performances. 

    Provide training to parents to the maximum extent possible to help them work with their children at home to attain instructional objectives, and by keeping them informed of the students’ progress both informally (progress reports) and formally (report cards).

    Provide opportunities for at-risk students (K-5) to increase their academic learning through daily pull-outs in math and reading labs, small group instruction by teacher assistants, and extended day or tutorial classes.

    Commit to ongoing professional development for all members of the staff in core curriculum areas, specific areas of student needs which includes gifted and talented, and in working as a team or community.

    Promote a positive school climate and commitment to high-quality work by modeling the qualities and characteristics that we hope to instill in our students.