• 5th Grade Technology
    Welcome to 5th grade! This year has been exciting as we have learned a few new things. We began with sharpening our keyboarding skills.
    We have also covered ground in word processing where we learned to create brochures for various occasions and timelines on famous personalities.

    For presentations we used PowerPoint and PhotoStory. We even utilized Windows Movie Maker to create movies. We first esearched the internet and collected our information. Then we assembled the data (including video recordings of ourselves as well as images) into WMM, adding background music we composed in GarageBand. Finally we burned the entire movie onto disks!
  • This is how one group created their brochure:

    “We did this brochure as part of our Microsoft word assignment. Our topic is about saving endangered species. We went to the internet to find facts about the endangered species in the world. Then my partner and I thought of things we can put in our brochure to make it better. We put our ideas on a piece of paper that was our rough draft.

    After we finished our rough draft, we designed it on the computer's word processor. We also inserted images and a table with relevant information. When we completed and checked our work we printed it out!!!!!!”
    Chinese New Year by Daniella and Griselda
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