• 4th Grade!

    Welcome to the 4th grade technology page! In the computer lab we have done a lot of interesting work. Keyboarding, word processing using Microsoft Word, internet research, presentations with PowerPoint and more. 
    We do appreciate it if you can drop by our new computer lab to check out our work.

    Here's William telling us about the PhotoStory project:
    "This year in the technology class we learned to use Photo Story! We started by doing some research on an animal of our choice from national geographic for kids. Then we went to picsforlearning.com since it is a copyright free website, and got some pictures of our animal. Then we started working on the project by importing our pictures. We also recorded ourselves reading all the information we gathered online. In the end we reviewed our photo story and made some changes to it. Then our classmates saw our photo stories and gave us feedback. My opinion is that this project was the best project in the computer lab!"
  • Here's Kaitlyn telling us how she did her PowerPoint presentation project:

    "First we chose an animal and researched it online. We also got six images of our animal and saved them in our folders. Next, we opened PowerPoint and created slides with our information and pictures. Then we added background colors. Finally we added animation to the slide show and watched our movie!"