• Barrick's school community has set high standards for appropriate school attire and personal cleanliness. The students' appearance can influence behavior affect the learning environment. 
    Tops: Gold Barrick or Navy blue polo style shirts; On Fridays, students may wear a Barrick spirit T-shirt.
    Bottoms: Plain khaki or navy uniform style pants, shorts or skirts. All skirts must be lower than students finger tips when at students side. All Shirts must be tucked in to bottoms and a belt must be worn. No blue jeans unless on specified days.
    Shoes: All shoes must be sneakers or closed-toe. No Sandals are allowed. Socks must be worn and laces tied. 
    Sweaters & Jackets: Navy or Gray ONLY. No pullovers, advertisements, or oversized sweaters allowed. All sweaters must zip or button in the front and be worn open, while inside the school. 
    Jewelry: Chains/ Necklaces may be worn at a limit of one small to medium sized piece. Girls may wear earrings at a size no larger than a quarter. Boys may not wear earrings at all.
    Grooming: Hair must be neat and clean. Hair style must not cause disruptions or distractions. No shaved hair designs are allowed. Extreme hair styles which include hair that is dyed an unnatural color (green, orange, etc.) and shaved Mohawks are not permitted. 
     Makeup or tattoos may not be worn or brought to school.
     Caps and other head coverings may not be worn in the building.
    Students in violation of the uniform policy must call to have a change of clothing brought to the school and will not be allowed in the classroom until they are dressed accordingly.