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  •  Nkiru Nnadi, MEd. Principal 
     Phone: 713-613-2516

    Mrs. Nnadi is a highly accomplished and dedicated educator who brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role as Principal at Clifton Middle School. With a diverse range of various experiences in areas, including leadership, data-driven instruction, coaching, curriculum development, and effective problem-solving on different levels, she is exceptionally well-equipped to lead with a strong focus on excellence in education.

    Throughout her career, Mrs. Nnadi has achieved remarkable milestones, such as overseeing an impressive 85% growth in student performance through a differentiation program as well as ranking 2nd place in the whole of Texas on the TELPAS assessment for English Language Learners.

    With a steadfast commitment to education and a history of effective leadership, Mrs. Nnadi is poised to drive positive change and make a significant impact on the Clifton Middle School community. Her passion for modern educational principles, strategic planning, and professional development will undoubtedly guide the school towards continued success. Read more

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