• English Language Arts (ELA)/English as a Second Language (ESL) Department

    The English Language Arts department is committed to developing the reading and writing skills of Clifton students through the use of engaging activities, projects, and technology.  Interest in reading and writing is created by introducing the students to high interest novels and providing numerous opportunities for authentic writing.  The Language Arts department also plans with the other departments to develop dynamic, relevant interdisciplinary projects.


    English as a Second Language(ESL) program is tailored to the specific language needs of our students. To assure that progress meets the student's expectations, each student's instruction is constantly monitored by goal-centered teachers. This intensive ESL program helps individuals to improve their English for academic purposes.  This course is based upon the main skill areas of language development: speaking, listening, reading and writing. While a balance of skills is aimed for, the program is flexible and reflects the student’s individual language needs.  It also introduces the student to different learning styles and strategies, and gives encouragement to become an independent and self-monitored learner in its varied manifestations.