• CMS Technology Department

    The mission of Clifton’s Technology Department is to provide students with a high-level, technical knowledge base that will equip him/her with the skills to work efficiently and effectively and to prepare him/her for entering the job market.  Clifton’s Technology Department offers several courses that encompass the technological requirements needed to be successful in the workplace using real-world approaches and applications.  The three technology courses offered are:


    Computer Power
    Clifton’s Computer Power course takes a “behind-the-scenes” look at computers with regard to their physical components, connectivity, and processes.  Computer Power gives students the capability to work on computer hardware and troubleshoot electrical/mechanical issues.  Computer Power also delves deeper into web development and computer programming for students interested in becoming future web developers and computer programmers. 


    Technology Applications
    Clifton’s Technology Applications course introduces students to an interactive curriculum that teaches critical technology skills in the context of core curriculum and real-world challenges. It also provides technology literacy through project-based learning that integrates technology into Math, Science, Language Arts and Social Studies. Technology Applications covers keyboarding, basic computer fundamentals, the Microsoft Office Suite, and an introduction to computer programming.