A Welcome Letter from Our Principal, Dr. Chang

  • Franklin Chang, Principal Dear Ed White Community
    I am delighted to be selected as the new principal for the school and cannot wait to meet and
    get to know every member of the school community. My goal is to continue the commitment for excellence and optimize our students’ potential. 
    My priority is to get to know the Ed White Community and work together to continue the proud tradition of the Ed White Family. The mission of our school is to provide all students with the educational opportunity to develop to their fullest potential. We create a supportive learning environment for all students. We focus on quality instruction and engage students with rigor and relevance to build strong relationships with the commitment to excellence.
    Our goal for the school year is to maintain the norms and school culture. I believe that with your support and feedback, we will continue to provide quality instruction for our students through this challenging time. Thank you for the opportunity to serve as the leader for the school.

    Franklin Chang